Zulu Base is a fictional Zombies map featured in the story Xenon 115.
Zulu emblem

Emblem of Zulu Base


This is the main part of all bases on the planet Xenon 115. It is also the starting point of the group, known as Terra 4. The start of the zombies outbreak has also been confirmed that this was where the outbreak started.



This is the area in front of the base's large doors. There is almost no gravity, hence it is in pure space, and it is where Terra 4 is dropped off. Zombies come from the top of the base and guns can be bought off the walls of the base's gate. These guns are the PS-50 and the Remmington 900x.

2nd Courtyard

After entering via the gates of Zulu Base, there will be another outdoor courtyard, but within the gates. There is a shield coving every outside area of Zulu Base, so there is the same gravity as Earth when inside. The gates close, so zombies won't come from outside, and there are 5 barriers, with an MP9A5 and SK-47. A fragment of the 115 meteor can be found, which results in activating the easter egg if all are found.

Greeting Room/Main Room

This is the main room of the whole base, a giant circular shape and a large rotunda on the top. This contains several barriers, including one where zombies break through the super steel, hence that they have become stronger over the years. A G3k can be found off the wall next to the doors in which the players enter, an N2000 can be found next to the barrier where the zombies break through the wall, and a K-tip can be found on the wall next to the door leading to the left area. There are two ways out; through the right doors and through the left doors. Going through either will lead the players to their fates and the map will all come together.

Right Room (via right doors)

In here, there are three barriers, in addition to the barriers in the Main Room. There is only one weapon that can be bought from this room, known as the VMR. Also, Juggernog and Double Tap can be found in here.

Left Room (via left doors)

In here, there are three barriers, in addition to the barriers in the Main Room. Only one weapon can be bought in this room, known as the VMR. Speed Cola and Deadshot Daiquiri can be found here.

Back Room/Testing Labs

This room is directly behind the Main Room, forming a hexagonal shape. It has no weapons off the wall, but it has three perk-a-colas; Quick Revive, PhD Flopper (may also be Stamin-up at times), and Rocket Drink. It also contains a door that costs 7500 to open, which leads to the Pack-a-Punch machine, which costs only 3500 in Zulu Base.

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