Zombies of Time is a new storyline by DrAssassin with new maps, perks, weapons, characters and features.


  • Niklas Ficsher - A German member of Group 935 working on the Time project. He accidently got sent to the future and saw the world after they destroyed it. He got the rest of the group together.
  • Charlie Benson - An American father of 3. When the Earth was destroyed, his wife and children died. Since the destruction of the Earth, he has survived, and fought of the Zombies quite well. He is driven to take down Group 935 after learning about it to avenge his family.
  • Michael Brown - An American soldier from the Afghanistan Wars. He watched his whole team get murdered in front of him. He suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and frequently has mood swings.
  • Angus Johnson - An Australian wilder-ness survivalist. He found fame in America surviving for months without help in the desert. He had a popular TV show.

New Perks

Maps (In chronilogical order)


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