New York (2027)

Call of Duty: World War Z is a upcoming zombie game. It revolves around 4 U.S army soldiers who have become trapped in New York City during the zombie pandmemic.


The characters of World War Z are 4 U.S Army Soldiers who were part of a military squad sent into NYC to rescue civillians. The four are the only survivors. They are;

Captain Mathew Winslow

Main Article: Mathew Winslow

CPT Mathew 'Matty' Winslow was the leader of the military squad sent into NYC before they were all killed by zombies. He has dark brown hair and green eyes. He wears two sets of dog tags around his neck, one belongs to him and the other belongs to Rick, his friend who was killed by zombies before his eyes. Winslow is determined to wipe out as many zombies as he can before his "inevitable death". Winslow prefers to use LMG's to other guns.

Sergeant Wayne Truman

Main Article: Wayne Truman

SGT Wayne Truman is an African-American soldier in Captain Winslow's squad. He has a shaved head and blue eyes. He is very stern and solitary, prefering quiet sniping spots to open fighting. He seems to hate his fellow survivor Jason Silvers who is a loud hot head (which Truman despises). Truman prefers to use Sniper Rifles to other guns.

Corporal Paquito Mendez

Main Article: Paquito Mendez

CPL Paquito 'Pancho Villa' Mendez is a Hispanic soldier in Captain Winlsow's squad. He has black hair and green eyes. He earned the nickname 'Pancho Villa'  for his rebellious attitude as he will usually do whatever he wants, even when given direct orders. Mendez is usually silent (which Truman likes about him) and only talks on rare occasions (when he buys a Perk-a-Cola or gets a pistol; either wall or Myster Box). Mendez prefers pistols to other guns

Private Jason Silvers

Main Article: Jason Silvers

PVT Jason Silvers is the newest member of Captain Winslow's squad (which earns him the nickname 'Rookie'). He has spiky blonde hair and hazel eyes. He is a loud, hyperactive, metro-sexual hot head. He dislikes Truman, who he regards as "a stiff". Silvers speaks with a strong Brooklyn accent and will often say thing like "I recognize this place" which hints that he is from New York. Silvers prefers to use Shotguns and Explosives to other guns (most likely because they're loud like him).


World War Z has ttwo default maps

Breakout Zone

A zombie infested hospital in the centre of New York City, has our four heroes fighting for their lives against the patient hordes and blood thirsty Doctorz


Set at the same time as Breakout Zone, Forest sees four college friends fighting for survival in a treetop fortress in a Canadian forest


No DLC's have been released for WWZ yet but it has been confirmed that their will be 8 DLC's, one for each continent plus an extra.

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