Basic design of a zombified vulture.

The Vulture Zombie is a non-canonical enemy found in the map Riesige Anlage and is exclusive to the Nazi Zombies game mode.

How it was created:

Upon the testing of zombies in Der Riese, the testing of animals with element 115 was a big field for the scientists who worked their. Vultures was one of the testing subjects as they could with stand the effects of element 115 better than smaller birds. They had become zombified in one of the experiments and was locked inside their testing chambers. This all happened a little bit before Fluffy's zombification. The testing chamber for the vultures was more sturdy than the area Fluffy was tested on which explains to why they are later introduced.

How the enemy acts:

The zombified vultures are much like hell hounds as they come on rounds that are 5-7 rounds apart from each other. They fly around slowly and are notably weak as it takes four hits for them to down a player without Jugger-nog. The vultures are also the weakest zombie. They will attack by pecking at you. They are some what hard to hit as they fly toward you in a not very straight course. The player can get easily swarmed if they are not taken care of quickly. They can also pass over players to get to another so they can not be blocked by players where zombies and hellhounds can.


  • The characters you play as show extreme hate to the zombified vultures and complaign about their annoying squaking and call them big stupid chickens.
  • The achievement "Two birds, one stone" is unlocked if the player manages to kill two zombified vultures with one shot.
  • The vultures are completely immune to the Atomic Fission Device as they can fly

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