Vietnamese Soldier
Vietnamese soldier
Vital statistics
Age unknown
Gender Male
Creator Daniel Smith
Creation Date 2/26/11
First Appearance Hue City
Status Presumed K.I.A.
The Vietnamese Soldier is a character in the custom Nazi Zombies map "Hue City".


During the Vietnam War, the Soviets constructed bases within Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. They also made "deals" with the Vietnamese Army. These "deals" allowed the Soviets to test secret technology within the countries, if they supplied the Army with weapons.

During the Tet Offensive, the allies launched an attack on Hue City to rid it of the Vietnamese Army. After the battle, Soviet General Lev Kravchenko was ordered to unleash Element 115 upon the city. He obeyed the order, and sent in two teams of Spetsnaz to unleash the element and leave as soon as they did. However, a Spetsnaz soldier became seperated from his unit, and became lost.

During the evacuations after the battle, a S.O.G. soldier became lost. At that same time, a Vietnamese soldier also became lost. While walking through the city, the S.O.G. soldier, the Vietnamese soldier, the Spetsnaz soldier, and a German scientist met up with each other. They decided on helping each other escape the city and evade the horde of the undead.

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