The V-R11 is a wonder weapon that appears only in Call of the Dead.


The V-R11 is one of the most unique wonder weapons. When fired, it will turn a zombie into a human. Like the Monkey Bomb, the human will lure enemies. It is a very bad wonder weapon against the zombies. It's ability to only transform one zombie combined with it's very small ammo count makes it incredibly useless in general combat. However, if used on another player, it will make them immune to zombies, allowing them to revive people with ease. Another effect it has is to temporarily calm George A. Romero, but it isn't permanent and the time he is calmed should be used to escape or get in to a body of water.

V-R11 Lazarus

When Pack-a-Punched it becomes the V-R11 Lazarus. It's effects on other players are greatly increased, while it's combat capatabilites are still poor. It gains the slighly pointless effect of being able to make a zombie explode if it is shot 3 times. However, now when used on other players the immunity time is increased and also they get Insta-Kill for that time. Another useful feature is that when used on George A. Romero when he is water he will disappear for the round. Also, if used on George A. Romero to calm him down, he will remain calmed down unlike the un-Pack a Punched version.


  • Oddly, all of the humans have the same body model.
  • It plays a major part in Call of the Dead's major easter egg, Original Characters Trapped.
  • "Lazarus" refers to a bible verse where god brought a man back from the dead.
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New Dawn

The V-R11 appears in New Dawn.

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