There's actually a bit of news.

Zombies News

  • Newton's Cookbook allows you to turn any unwanted Gobblegums into something useful. For example, you could turn six Kill Joy's into one Perkaholic.
  • Mod tools/custom maps have been available for a while now in Black Ops III.
  • Ever since the Treyarch live stream on Facebook, there has been much speculation and rumors other than Newton's Cookbook.

Extinction News

  • Nope

Exo Zombies News

  • Nope

IW Zombies

  • Rave in the Redwoods is the next installment of Infinity Ward's Zombie Mode.

Community News

Just a little something I wanted to share

I started on another Fanon wiki (don't worry, I'm not leaving you guys). It's the Marvel Comics Fanon Wiki. I've already got a page on there and I'm quite proud of it. I know this is technically advertising, but since when do any of us care? I just wanted to share this with you guys. Art is done by a friend of mine, who shall remain anonymous.

UPDATE:  I also made an article on Fandom.  Hope you guys like it.

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