" . . . . . It seems as thought I never really learned to play nice with the boys. They always seem to want to hit on me rather than follow orders and directions. So I usually hit on them by kicking them in their goodie goods and make them listen. Being the leader of the group, I get the blame when they all die violently at the hand of those freaks. Rather than face the charges, I decided to go solo. Well, I was until I had to start working with these three degenerates. Fortunatly, they are much nicer and more respectful than the other group I was in with. Unfortunatly, our moron helicopter pilot decided to 'bonzai drop' us in the middle of the desert. There goes not only our mission, but any chance of making it out alive and well. It's kinda hard being the 'military brat' daughter of a 'well decorated' military father that I rarely got to see. Yet I decided to be just like him. But whatever. I guess that's what I get for being good for once. Say, is that a jet up ahead? . . . . . "

- SG

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