United States Marine Corps emblem

The USMC emblem.

The United States Marine Corps is a faction in the "Apocalypse" storyline and the real-life military organization of the United States of America.


The United States Marine Corps, also called USMC, is the amphibious and expeditionary force of the United States. The Marine Corps was responsible for raiding enemy installations. It took a big part during the Vietnam War. When the zombie apocalypse occured, some USMC Marines (as well as Army soldiers) were recruited for the International Creature Elimination Force. The I.C.E.F. did operations in Russia and Europe. After the zombie apocalypse was over and America was rebuilt, the I.C.E.F. was disbanded and the Marines returned to the USMC. After America was rebuilt, the USMC was renamed "New America Marine Corps".

Notable Members


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