Turfbrew is a non-canonical Perk-a-Cola in the custom Nazi Zombies maps "Icebreaker", "Quarantäne", "Firing Range", "Junkyard", and "Spaceport". Turfbrew can be bought for 2000 points. It combines Stamin-Up with Turfbrew. When purchased, Turfbrew kicks up dirt and dust from the ground while the player runs. This dirt and dust disorients the zombies, and causes them to run off in a different direction (however, this only happens 90% of the time), allowing a quick escape for the player.


  • Originally, Turfbrew was supposed to have the same effect but use Nova-6 gas. However, the idea was scrapped, and the Nova-6 idea was formed into its own Perk-a-Cola called 'Nova'.
  • To have the effects of the dirt and dust the player must run. Walking will not cause the effect.
  • Turfbrew is not favored much among the other Perks. 

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