"Hey where did James go? He’s been gone for a *thud* What the f*ck! *zombie groans* Stop we can help you! *gun shot* Holy s*it there are more! *static*"
―Cooper’s journal 7/3/1964
Vital statistics
Prev Level NA
Next Level Stadium
Created By sulfurouspack48
Creation Date 5/10/11
Characters Cooper Rhea, Avery Walker Nylon, Harrison W. A. Booth, Conner Reece Stanly.
Enemies Civilian zombies, Brutes
Location New York, New York USA
Date 7/3/1964


Town is a new zombie map in the tellus immortuos that takes place in a suburban town in central U.S.A. It features the four characters Corporal Avery Walker Nylon, General Cooper Rhea, Sergeant Harrison W. A. Booth, and Privet Coner Rece Staily. You start out in the living room of a very wealthy family. As you open a few doors you reach the outside. You can walk up and down the street until you reach unmovable debris. There are turned over cars all over the place. There are 5 other houses you can go into each one containing one box spawn, one perk/ or Pack-a-Punch, and one computer terminal (to be explained latter).


The houses look like normal rich people houses with huge TVs Fancy cars… But everything is all broken and torn up.


Juggernog Speedcola Volt Quick revive Double tap root beer BOX GUNS/WALL GUNS The box and the wall guns are the same except the MP40 returns as a wall gun not replacing anything and the V∞ replaces the winters howl

BOSS The bosses are 1-4 really fat-ass zombies known simply as the “brutes” they are extremely hard to kill and will come and go at a fixed time of 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The amount of brutes that come depend on how many players there are. If you manage to kill all of the brutes it will give you a bonfire sale and max ammo. If you don’t kill them all but you kill one or more it will give you a fire sale and max ammo, if you don’t kill any then you will get a max ammo.


You unlock the pack-a-punch by holding X on all 6 of the computer terminals located around the map.


All the regular power ups (nuke, max ammo ext.) And Mortars inbound


The traps are spews of flame that shoot out of the engines of the cars in each garage. It cost 1000 and you activate it by holding X. When you activate it, it will show you knifing the gas tank causing it to rupture.


For the east egg in this map you must activate all the traps, blow up all the other cars (including all the cars barely visible on the outside of the map) make the Greek symbol for psychology ( ) out of claymores then, have all the players stand and the top of the symbol, aim down and shoot the upgraded HR-151-K, Ray gun, winters howl, and M2 flamethrower right at your feet and the symbol will rise in to the air catch on fire and hover there for the rest of the game giving you some extra health when you stand close to it.

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