Ok i am mad at my old ex girlfreind so i made this.

tower of destiny
Vital statistics
Prev Level none
Next Level none
Created By the lone zombie slayer
Creation Date 4/29/11
Characters lana madison michela sharlett
Enemies children zombies samantha
Location that arch in that one state :)
Date 4/11/04


Lana's mom drove her and three freinds to the arch.

Lana and her freinds head up and notice a zombie breakout they find four m9s that were used to stop the zombies but the other people failed so these four girls take on the zombie horde.

possilble weapons


m9 MP928

m93 raffica m186 rager

asp ASAP Annilator

cz75 The wild



mp5 mp5ast

mp5k mp5k insulator

kiparis kiparis x5

assualt rifle

m14 m28

m16 m16pro

enfeild lee enfeild

g11 g22xz

scar-h scar deaf

tar-21 tar omega

acr acrzx


stoner cement cannon

rpk rpshisl

hk21 hk42 inniolator

m60 the chain blaster

wonder weapons

Thunder gun prototype thunder gun

Matroyoska dolls

The blanker the black hole output

The shadow cannon god's complete fury

Ray gun porter's x2 ray gun


Stakeout RAID

Olympia HADES

after you have all this fight to the elvator and defend the arch

The girls themselves make it to round 10 somewhat of a fail :)

the pack a punch is present all gun names after paped are on the right of the original name

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