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a movable thunder gun prototype

This weapon is seriously the thunder gun shoting a bang of noise stunning and killing after 10 seconds.With add on 4 life it shots lightning every 3 shots doing 300 damage. It was traded off september 9 1900 for the thunder gun in zombies
The real thunder gun
Vital statistics
Damage 2000
Damage Multiplier x2
Magazine Size 6
Created By the lone zombie slayer
Creation Date 9/9/1900
Maximum Ammunition 42 atfer max ammo reloaded
Reload Time 2.5 seconds speed cola 1.5 seconds
Rate of Fire 6 shots per 30 seconds
Range 30-35 ft
Recoil none
Penetration {{{Penetration}}}
Fire Mode semi auto
Mobility {{{Mobility}}}

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