Tesla Gun
Vital statistics
Damage 5000
Damage Multiplier x3
Magazine Size 50
Created By Fizzywizzy
Creation Date Unknown
Maximum Ammunition 450
Reload Time 1.9
Rate of Fire 100 RPM
Range Low
Recoil Low
Penetration {{{Penetration}}}
Fire Mode Semi-Auto
Mobility {{{Mobility}}}

The Tesla Gun

Tesla Gun WIP by Kommandant Krieger (1)

Tesla Gun Prototype

The Tesla Gun is a non-canonical Wonder weapon, found in some non-canoical Maps.


It was secretly made at Area 115. May be a mix of the wunderwafle and the thundergun


The Tesla Gun when fired releases a powerful electricity that can kill up to 25 Zombies.


When upgraded it becomes "115 Electricity Generator" obtaning a larger magazine, higher damage and increased ammo capacity.

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