Tellus immortuos is a story line that includes the maps town, stadium, subway, crash, Chuot duong ham, ultima belli immortuos.. This story line has the characters, Avery nylon, Harrison Booth, Conner Reese, and Cooper Rhea. Tellus immortuos explains the story of a zombie that ends in the destruction of the world. In the maps there are several voice journal entries made by Cooper Rhea that are at the begaining and end of the maps that explain the story.

"Hey where did James go, he’s been hone for a *thud* what the fuck *zombie grones* stop we can help you *gun shot* holy shit there are more


―Cooper’s Journal 7/3/1964
"We have escaped from New York and are making are way to a NBA stadium that Booth’s dad owns, it should be safe "
―Coopers Journal 7/5/1964
"It is my night to keep watch, It should be pretty uneventful for the past two nights. Booth is tryi... *thud* what the fuck *zombie grones* oh shi... wake up *gun shots static* "
―Cooper’s Journal 7/7/1964
"We have escaped the stadium and are still being chased by the zombies we are going to see to the subway still *zombie moan* watch out... *static* take cover in the train *static* ahhh! *static* "
―Cooper’s journal - 7-11-1964
"We have been air lifted from the subway by a passing Black Hawk. The news he brings isn’t good. There have been zombie sightings all over the place the entire world is in anarch... *thud* What the fuck is that *hissing sounds* is that a snake!?! *static* code red code red we are going down *crash sounds* *static*"
―Cooper’s Journal 8-1-1964
"We have run from the sight of the crash in to a rat hole *zombie moan* we haven’t got much time before they get here *louder moan* but I have to tell you It was all Farag’s fa... *gun shot* there here! *static* "
―Cooper’s journal 8-4-1964

We have managed to fined a working black bird to fly us into D.C. *statically* we are over the landing zone. Get ready team, this is it, this is the final battle of the UNDEAD!!!!!! *static*"

― Cooper’s journal 8-7-1964

Agent Farag’s journal"

―I have managed to keep the virus trapped in my leg. The world has treated me bad over the years, now it will pay. *static* TELLUS IMMORTUOS *static*

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