Teleporting 2.0 is a new feature featured in Paralism. It is always on and will harm or help the player(s). It teleports the player to an already opened area of the map. It will be in all maps of Paralism. At Round 25 a higher chance of teleporting will happen.

Canon Explanation

Teleporting 2.0(Not named ingame) occured because the teleporters in The Pentagon were not fully functional and contained a vast number of side effects upon the occurance of the zombie outbreak. As John F. Kennedy, Robert McNamara, Richard Nixon, and Fidel Castro teleported frequently trying, but failing, to rid The Pentagon of the Zombie menace they recieved this side effect.

How Does it Work?

The gaming code will detect a player. If they camp in the same overall area for prolonged periods of time then the games coding shall teleport the player to a large group of zombies where they will likely go down. However this can also benefit the player. If the player gets surronded while trying to save another player then the player trying to save the other is teleported to the area with the least ammount of zombies.

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