Tactical Snack is a new non-canonical feature that is confirmed to appear in the Spacefront storyline. "Tactical Snack" is the name of the vending machine that distributes the tactical snack, which is a Tactical Insertion. This is unique because it is not a Perk-a-Cola machine. When purchased for 500 points, a Tactical Insertion falls out of the vending machine, and the player automatically retrieves it. When it is retrieved it shows up in the player's inventory. The player can then equip the Tactical Insertion and place it in a valid location (anywhere in the map). After the player dies and respawns, they appear where they placed the Tactical Insertion.


  • Tactical Snack is most effective when the Tactical Insertion is placed near Juggernog, a team camping spot, a Mystery Box spawn point, a weapon, or a travel utility.
  • The Tactical Insertion cannot be harmed by zombies or other players. The player can also retrieve the placed equipment.
  • Obviously, Tactical Snack is useless in solo mode.

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