For the canon weapon that appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, see MTAR.

The TAR-21 is an Israeli-designed and Russian- and Israeli-manufactured bullpup assault rifle that appears in every level of the non-canonical Nazi Zombies storylines Spacefront, Brutal Warfare: After Effect, and Origins, as well as other custom maps.


Vital statistics
Damage 140-130
Damage Multiplier --
Magazine Size 30
Created By Israel
Creation Date 2001
Maximum Ammunition 300
Reload Time 2.5s loaded, 3.15s unloaded
Rate of Fire 750 RPM
Range --
Recoil Low-Medium
Penetration {{{Penetration}}}
Fire Mode Automatic
Mobility {{{Mobility}}}
The TAR-21 has a medium rate of fire, medium accuracy, medium range, and high penetration. These statistics make the TAR-21 similar to the SCAR-H. The TAR-21 has a thirty round magazine. It has a similar reload time to the SCAR-H as well. Up until about round 12 it is a reasonably good assault rifle, but past round 12 it starts to lose its power. When upgraded via the Pack-a-Punch Machine the TAR-21 becomes the "T0T211LY 2W50M3 R1F13" and gains a damage boost and increased range. The TAR-21 can only be obtained from the Mystery Box.

Brutal Warfare: After Effect

It can be bought only from the Mystery Box in Brutal Warfare: After Effect with 450 spare rounds, and a 50 sized clip. When pack-a-punched, it becomes the TAR-115 gaining a 75 round clip, even faster rate of fire, dual extended mags, red-dot sight, A Master key, and 15% more power.


The only things known about the TAR-21 in the Origins storyline is that the statistics are the same as the statistics from the version in the Spacefront storyline. The appearance is also the same. It can only be obtained from the Mystery Box. When upgraded via the Pack-a-Punch Machine, the TAR-21 becomes the "STAR-21".


The TAR-21 in Redux has medium rate of fire, high damage, and good accuracy. It is effective until round 16. When Pack-a-Punched it becomes the TAAR-41, gaining a MARS sight, magazine capcity of 41, and a undermounted flashlight. It is effective until round 25.


Brutal War: After Effect

  • Camalex97 named the Pack-a-Punched TAR-21 the "TAR-115" not because of Element 115, but because of Treyarch completely overusing 115 in the names of all the Pack-a-Punched guns.

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