Survivor Soda is a c
Survivor Soda
ustom Perk-a-Cola in the non-canonical Nazi Zombies storyline Hellbound. Survivor Soda, when purchased for 1000 points, allows the player to be revived by an invisible force every time the player is downed. While the invisible force is reviving the player, the player can shoot. The time it takes the invisible force to revive the player is the same amount of time it takes for a regular player to revive. When the player who has Survivor Soda is downed however, they will lose the Perk.


  • If a player approaches a player who has Survivor Soda who is being revived, the other player will not be able to revive the downed player.

Original Creator

This Perk-a-Cola was originally created by V, a member of this Wiki and the Call of Duty Wiki. However, the effects of this Perk have been completely changed.

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