Survivor Soda is a custo
Survivor Soda
m Perk-a-Cola that has the same effects as Warlord Pro from Black-Ops, and slightly ressembles Overkill from World at War. This perk allows the player to carry one more weapon, one more grenade, and one more special grenade. Upon purchase the player will instantly recieve more grenades and pull out an M1911. The weapons can still be cycled. The player can trade the M1911 for the box or a preffered wall weapon. This perk can only be baught once. If downed, the player will lose the weakest weapon according to damage. This perk will come in great use for players that have wonder weapons and do not want to waste it's ammunition. It is also helpful for when a player is downed: the player may throw a monkey and not risk losing his supply. This perk's color scheme is dark-red, yellow, and a bit of white. The drink color is a bright, light translucent red, much more different than that of Juggernog. The perk will cost 4500 points, to even out it's extremely helpful effects. The icon is the same as the World at War perk, Overkill.


  • This perk was created by V,, a member of this wiki and the Call of Duty wiki.
  • This perk will be lost if downed, and the player will lose the weapon, to prevent it from being over-powered: the player will buy more aqnd more weapons.
  • This perk also ressembles the World at War perk, Special Grenades x3, however this would be Special Grenades x4.

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