United States of America flag

The Survivalists use the American flag.

Survivalists are an unmentioned and unseen faction in the "Apocalypse" storyline.



The Survivalists in Texas use the Civil War sourthern flag.

After the nuclear wars and zombie wars, America had been left in total destruction and chaos. Though the rebuilding of the nation began immediately, a group of people wanted to restore peace to the nation in their own way. These people are known as "Survivalists". According to the Central Intelligence Agency database, the Survivalists have been "ready for the end of the world since before the Vietnam War". According to Daniel Smith, the Survivalists are "unpredictable and out of their fucking minds".

The Survivalists are extremely racist towards any Russian, Canadian, Mexican, French, East Asian, and Israeli. They also do not respect women, shown by continous rape, murder, and forced labor. The Survivalists are known to recide in what is left of South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and, oddly, parts of Texas. They live is medium sized settlements on farms that are usually with one-hundred to two-hundred people. Typically, a single man is in charge of the settlement.

The Survivalists have a large variety of weaponry, including the M16, Commando, M5A2 Folsom Carbine, and M9. As stated above, most of the Survivalists are racist. Considering this, the Survivalists refuse to use the (for example) AK-47, Famas, TAR-21, T3AK, or CZ75, even in times of near-death.

As of 2020, the Survivalist's organization has significantly descreased in size due to the radiation, mutants, and structural collapse. Nevertheless, the Survivalists remain a deadly force to toil with in the Northern Wasteland.


Resistance painting

Elaborate Survivalist graffitti showing the evolution of their military plans.

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