"We have escaped the stadium and are still being chased by the zombies, we are going to see if the subway still *zombie moans* watch out... *static* take cover in the train *static ahhhh! *static*"
―Cooper's Journal 7/7/1964


Subway of the dead is a new map in the tellus immortuos story line that takes place in an abandoned subway. You start out in a crashed train

Vital statistics
Prev Level Stadium
Next Level crash
Created By Suflurouspack48
Creation Date 5/11/11
Characters Cooper Rhea, Harrison, W. A. Booth, Avery Walker Nylon,Conner Reece Stanly
Enemies Civilian zombies, zombie engineer
Location New York, New York USA
Date 7/7/1964
with two exits. You can walk around the map until you get to the street witch is blocked by unmovable debris.

The power is in the ticket booth along with the mystery box.


The map looks like the subways in New York. There are several movie posters hanging around the subway including several movie posters for Call of the Dead. There is a flipped over train that you start out in.


The box guns are the same as the Kino guns but the HR-151-K not replacing anything, the V∞ replacing the thunder gun, ‘the Easter egg’ replacing the monkey bombs, and the AK-47 replacing the commando.


The wall guns are the same as Kino but the Mac 11 replaces the AK-74u and the kar98 replacing the m14.


Jug, speed, quick, volt, double tap, and suicide


Nuke, max ammo, insta-kill, fire sale, and mortars inbound


You unlock pack-a-punch by holding X on the control panel in the train (the door costs 3500)


The boss is a train engineer that comes every 7 rounds known as “the engineer”. He wields a wrench and will swipe at you really fast. If he gets you or someone else down before you kill him he will prevent only the people that got down, from getting the max ammo he drops when he dies. If no one goes down he will also drop an insta-kill.


There are no traps for this map


You do the Easter egg for this map by shooting the terminals around the map with an upgraded V∞ and then gowning to the power switch again and shooting it with the HR-151-K 64 times (exactly 64 times and If you mess up the first time then you can’t do it again) when you do that you will see a new train speed down the track and hit your starting train, in the ruble there is shock-o-matic-K∞.

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