Sub-Visser 24
Vital statistics
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Creator Magma-Man
Creation Date 2/17/10
First Appearance Lockdown
Status None (Non-canon)

Sub-Visser 24 is a bonus unlockable character in some of Magma-Man's zombie maps. He is part of Magma-Man's Animorphs Fan Fiction, and thus is not part of any Nazi Zombies storyline.


When the yeerks tried to conquer the Herklair species on the planet Usopire, they were defeated, after the Herklair proved themselves to be too powerful for the yeerks to take. Only one yeerk, Arnlin 2039, managed to make a Herklair become his host. Arnlin 2039 is the only Herklair-controller, and weilding the power of the Herklair helped him rise in ranks to eventually become a Sub-Visser.


In his natural form, Arnlin 2039 is a parasite, and looks like a small green slug. He is not seen however, since he resides in his Herklair host's head. The Herklair is a bright orange, and is 8 ½ feet tall. The Herklair's looks resemble that of a Hork-Bajir with a huge body. It does not have razor sharp blades covering their body, but instead have long, razorsharp blades for hands and is incredibly agile and can slice an enemy easily. The Herklair doesn't have a tail, and isn't as bulky as a Hork-Bajir, but still is a much better fighter then the Hork-Bajir could ever be, even if the Hork-Bajir weren't peaceful creatures.


Sub-Visser 24 is brutal and agressive. He is almost never merciful, often killing or torturing a yeerk that fails him. He is vicious in a fight, and almost always is victorious. He also has much personal pride for his acomplishment of infesting a Herklair.


  • This article is the 115th article created on the wiki.


All of these are non-canonical appearances, even in the map's storyline.

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