Steroids are a utility in the Brutal Warefare: After Effect storyline by Camalex97 13:29, May 26, 2011 (UTC). Steroids cost 1500 each with a max of 15 able to be purchased (total of 22500 points for 15 steroids) with each steroid purchased you get stronger (obviosly) with each purchased it unlocks an effect. each effect is kept after death.
  1. Dual wield Uzi and regular dual wield is steady on all SMG's.
  2. Knife harder and take 2 more hits before being downed.
  3. Steady aim from hip to all guns and faster sprinting.
  4. Dual wield all kinds of light weight assult rifles (like AUG) and take 0.5 more hits.
  5. Dual wield MP40, STG44 and luger P09.
  6. Dual wield AK47 and take 1 more hit.
  7. Dual wield all SMG's and Compact machine guns (Example: AK-74U)
  8. Dual wield CALICO M960 and all guns below have steady aim.
  9. When downed you dont actuallg get downed you are dual wielding your strongest gun (even LMG's) for 10 seconds and bleed-out time extended by 30 seconds.
  10. Dual wield Calico M960.
  11. Dual wield LMG's.
  12. Slightly faster reload.
  13. Steady aim for CALICO M960.
  14. Steady aim for LMG's.
  15. Dual wield Gatling Cannon's and quad wield pistols (except ray gun and winter's howl) faster reload add's 30 more seconds to bleedout time and when beld out you pull all grenades and throw at nearest zombie.

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