"Stamin-Up-Min-Up (x3) When you need some extra runnin', when you need some extra time, when you want to keep on gunnin', when you like a twist of lime. When you need to keep on moving, when you need to get away. When you need to keep on groovin', when you need that vitamin K. Babe, you know you want me! Let's run the extra mile! I'll open your eyes and I'll make you see! I'll make it worth your while! Stamin-Up-Min-Up! Sounds like it's Staaaaamin-Up time! Oh yeah, drink it baby! Drink it!"



The Stamin-Up Machine


The Stamin-Up Logo

Stamin-Up is a Perk-a-Cola introduced in the canon map Ascension. It appears in several fanon maps and in the latest zombie map, Call of the Dead. The Perk cost 2000 points, and is orange. Once purhcased, Stamin-Up makes your player have the ability to sprint faster and longer. The perk is very useful for running in between zombies, and dodging. This perk is also useful for when a player needs to run across the map, either to escape from zombies, or to revive a player, and for this reason it is mainly featured on large maps. It is also very useful for protecting Perk-a-Cola machines during monkey rounds as they are located at different places.


  • Stamin-Up is a play on the words "7-Up" [a popular soda] and "stamina"
  • According to Dempsey, it tastes like "lemon lime with a twist of gasoline"
  • According to the characters, this perk tastes sour.

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