Tank Dempsey
"The undead warriors have taken over a town in Asia. The world may be a different place unless fended off."
―Stadt der Untoten level description.
Stadt der Untoten
Standoff-Black Ops 2

Stadt der Untoten's Black Ops II multiplayer map counterpart: Standoff.
Previous level Green Run (chronologically)
Next level Castillo de los Muertos
Die Rise (chronologically)
Game Black Ops II
Character Samuel Stuhlinger
Marlton Johnson
Abigail "Misty" Briarton
Team Green Run Group
Weapons M1911, Fragmentation Grenades, any weapon bought
Enemy weapons BRAAAINS...
Place Border town of Kyrgyzstan and China
Date Unknown; before Die Rise
Objective Survive for as long as possible against limitless waves of the Undead.
Enemies Zombies
Multiplayer map Standoff
Standoff-Black Ops 2-Minimap

Stadt der Untoten (German for "City of the Undead"), also known as Abstract, is the fifteenth Zombies map. Stadt der Untoten occurs in an apocalyptic town on the border of Kyrgyzstan and China; the fight against Zombies takes place in the buildings and streets around a run-down city. The map returns to the style of the Zombie maps from Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: World at War. Player indicators for this map are, like Moon, completely randomised, although Samuel Stuhlinger will always be in the game.


Stadt der Untoten takes place in an abandoned and destroyed city, bringing in close-quarter tactics to Zombies. Like the previous map, Die Rise, the map features Samuel Stuhlinger, Marlton Johnson, Abigail "Misty" Briarton and Russman as the playable characters, and introduces a new Wonder Weapon: The 46-69-72-65 (The "Eruptor") and the new Wonder tactical grenade: the Bone Chiller. In addition, the Monkey Bombs and Ray Gun reappear. Hellhounds reappear on this map, after their last appearance in the Black Ops II map, Green Run, and appear every seven rounds. During these rounds, zombies do not spawn unless it is after round 42, which they will then appear together.


Starting weapons

Off-wall weapons

  • M14 (500 points) - Found in the starting room, near the first door.
  • Olympia (500 points) - Found outside the first room, against the wall.
  • B23R (1000 points) - Found outside the first room, near the broken fence.
  • AK-74u (1000 points) - In the domed building.
  • PDW-57 (1000 points) - In the upstairs of the store, near the zombie entrance.
  • AN-94 (1200 points) - On the side of the tank, near the back fence.
  • Colt M16A1 (1200 points) - Outside the power room, near Stamin-Up.
  • Remington 870 MCS (1500 points) - In the Juggernog house, upstairs.
  • Claymore (1000 points) - Outside the domed building, near the gas station.
  • Bowie Knife (3000 points) - In the second street, across from Quick Revive.
  • Galvaknuckles (6000 points) - In the Pack-A-Punch room, near the window.
  • Semtex (250 points) - Upstairs in the starting room, after the debris.
  • Zombie Shield (3000 points) - On the ground, west of the starting room.

Mystery Box weapons

The Mystery Box, which spawns in one of seven different spots around the map, can be bought for 950 points. Below is a list of weapons that can come out of the Mystery Box. If a Teddy Bear comes out of the box, it switches locations.

Zombie behaviour

This map is the second zombies map to feature Chinese zombies. Certain zombies, depending on their clothing, act differently toward the player(s). Zombies wearing military uniforms have a little more health and walk faster than the default zombies: zombies in civilian clothing. Some zombies wearing farmer clothing, as a rice field was near by (as evident by a busted sign outside of the map), carry pitchforks, and, when shot, run faster. Some zombies wear only shorts. These zombies are the fastest zombies, that sprint all the time. Very rarely, they will roll away from grenades, and kick players if they are prone.


  • Quick Revive (1500 points) - On the second street, near the Bowie Knife.
  • Juggernog (2500 points) - In a two-story house, near the spawn.
  • Stamin-Up (2000 points) - In the power room, near the Colt M16A1.
  • Speed Cola (3000 points) - In the starting room, beside the debris.
  • Mule Kick (4000 points) - In the fenced-off area near the tank,
  • Who's Who (2000 points) - In the SEAL spawn, near the house.
  • PhD Flopper (2000 points) - In the gas station, near the Claymores.
  • Deadshot Daiquiri (1500 points) - Must be built by pieces that can spawn randomly across the map.

In addition, an Amm-O-Matic machine is found lying on it's side on the map, though it cannot be bought. If the "use" button is pressed while looking at it, characters will make a remark implying that they've used it before. Marlton directly states that he remembers using it like "no one's business". This is the centre of the major easter egg for the map.


Stadt der Untoten

Easter eggs

  • In the spawn room, a torn note on the ground reads "Эдвард был творцом. Он-" (Edward was the creator. He-).
  • Outside of the map, there is a Thunder Gun laying on the ground. Through no-clipping, it is possible to pick up the gun.
  • Three radios appear on the map, one in the starting room, one in the Pack-A-Punch room and one in the Power room. Depending on the order, the radios will activate a song from one of the previous Zombies maps.
    • If the power room's radio is activated first, and the Pack-A-Punch room's last, then 115 will play.
    • If the Pack-A-Punch radio is activated first, and the starting room's last, then Not Ready to Die will play.
    • If the starting room's radio is activated first, and the power room's last, then Pareidolia will play.
  • On the floor of the gas station, pictures of all four of the original characters are laying there. Interestingly, all of them have perfect glass, except Richtofen.
  • There are torn pictures scattered across the map. Each are the images of the World at War maps, plus Ascension.
  • A TV on a desk will, if the action button is pressed on it, will play quotes from all five of the main characters of Call of the Dead: George A. Romero, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Danny Trejo, Robert Englund and Michael Rooker.
  • An M1911 appears beside all Mystery Box spawns, except the one where the Mystery Box is. It can not be picked up.
  • In the background of a zombie entrance, a map of Alcatraz can be seen.

Blast From the Past

Main article: Blast From the Past

Blast From the Past is the major easter egg for the map, and marks the reintroduction of Nikolai, Tank, Takeo, Richtofen, and Samantha


Standoff? (35 15px-Gamerscore.png / Bronze Trophy 15px-Bronze_Trophy_PS3_icon.png) - Play Stadt der Untoten once.

Hot Dog (35 15px-Gamerscore.png / Bronze Trophy 15px-Bronze_Trophy_PS3_icon.png) - Kill a Hellhound with the 46-69-72-65.

Meister der Musik (35 15px-Gamerscore.png / Bronze Trophy 15px-Bronze_Trophy_PS3_icon.png) - Activate the three different songs in three simultaneous games.

Frostbite (35 15px-Gamerscore.png / Bronze Trophy 15px-Bronze_Trophy_PS3_icon.png) - With the Bone Chiller, freeze 15 zombies with one grenade.

Acht und Ein (100 15px-Gamerscore.png / Gold Trophy Gold_Trophy_PS3_icon.png) - Relive old memories.



  • This is the first map where normal zombies can carry weapons, as the farmer zombies can carry pitchforks.

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