"We have escaped from New York and are making are way to a NBA stadium that Sergeant Booth’s dad owns. It should be safe."
―Cooper’s journal 7/3/1964
"It is my night to keep watch. It should be pretty uneventful for the past two nights. Booth is try… *thud* What the fuck!? *zombie moan* Oh shi… Wake up! *gun shots* *static*"
―Cooper’s journal 7/7/1964
Vital statistics
Prev Level Town
Next Level Subway
Created By sulfurouspack48
Creation Date 5/10/11
Characters Cooper Rhea, Avery Walker Nylon, Harrison W. A. Booth, and Conner Reece Stanly
Enemies Street zombies, Brutes.
Location New York, New York USA
Date 7/7/1964


Stadium of the dead is a new zombie map in the tellus immortuos. It takes place in an abandoned NBA
Nazi zombies rulzes

Birds eye view of the map before it got zombie infested

stadium in Toronto, Canada. You start out in one bathroom, one of you teammates start out in a different bathroom and so on. After opening two doors you will be reunited with one of your teammates and after opening two more doors you will be reunited with your other teammates in the main basketball court. There is the mystery box’s first spawn point. The pack-a-punch machine with a CLOSED sign on it, and a power switch, all located in the basketball court.


The map looks like any other NBA stadium but torn-up. BOX The guns from the box are the same as the Kino guns but w/ the shock-o-matic-k∞ replacing nothing, the V∞ replacing the thunder gun, and “the Easter egg” replacing the monkey bomb. WALLGUNS The wall guns are the same as Kino but the Mac 11 replaces the AK-74u, the sawed off double barrels replace the Olympia, the m14 is replaced by the Kar98, the m16 is replaced by the BAR (the bar gets a grenade launcher when upgraded) and bouncing betties replace claymores. PERKS You have the ability to have 6 perks in this map Jugernog Speedcola Quick revive Volt Double tap Suicide


Nuke Max ammo Insta-kill Mortars inbound Fire sale Bonfire sale Double points


You unlock pack-a-punch by shooting out the lights in each bathroom with wonder guns. Simple, easy, but… BOSS The brute is the boss in this map that is extremely hard to kill. They will come and go at a fixed time of 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The amounts of brutes that come depend on how many players there are. If you manage to kill all of the brutes it will give you a bonfire sale and max ammo. If you don’t kill them all but you kill one or more it will give you a fire sale and max ammo, if you don’t kill any then you will get a max ammo.


There are no traps in this map


To do this Easter egg fist have everybody stand under the basketball hoop. Then all at once someone should commit “suicide” while using the suicide perk, someone should knife a zombie without the shock-o, someone should shoot the zombie with the upgraded V∞, and someone should shock-o the zombie. That all has to happen at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME. When you do that the knife guy will cut off the zombies head run to the free-throw line shoot a basket with the head make it then the shock-o guy will rebound the head to the V∞ guy who will make a layup, the head will fall on the suicide guy who will jump up and slam dunk the head. (The suicide guy will regain his perks for free).

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