Spacefront is a non-canonical Nazi Zombies storyline that was created by Daniel Smith on 4/1/2011. However, it wasn't supposed the be released until 4/8/2011, but it was leaked on 4/6/2011.


Daniel Smith got the idea of creating a new storyline after he completed the Apocalypse storyline and played "Homefront", a first-person shooter game. Smith has announced that he enjoys studying about space, and while he was playing "Homefront" he replaced 'Home' with 'Space', thus creating "Spacefront".


The storyline of Spacefront starts out following an alternate storyline on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but it soon becomes non-related. It uses characters and some weapons from Modern Warfare 2 also.


The storyline consists of four chapters and one DLC map pack (Wastelands).


Chapter 1: Earth

Chapter 2: Ascension

Chapter 3: Space-struck

Chapter 4: Final Fronts

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