Sound Pistol
Vital statistics
Damage 1000-950
Damage Multiplier --
Magazine Size 10
Created By Daniel Smith
Creation Date unknown
Maximum Ammunition 500
Reload Time 1.9 seconds loaded and unloaded
Rate of Fire Semi-automatic
Range --
Recoil None
Penetration {{{Penetration}}}
Fire Mode Semi-automatic
Mobility {{{Mobility}}}
The Sound Pistol is a non-canonical Wonder Weapon in the custom Nazi Zombies maps "Overrun", "Pentagon", and "Area 51".


The Sound Pistol is a top secret weapon created by Doctor Adrienne Smith, and manufactured by the Central Intelligence Agency. After learning of the Soviet-created Thundergun, the CIA wanted its own secret weapon. They recruited Adrienne Smith to create it. Even though the Winter's Howl was already completed, the CIA still produced the Sound Pistol. Overall, there were only six Sound Pistols made. The Sound Pistol was tested at the Pentagon by scientists, just like the Winter's Howl.


The Sound Pistol was created in 1967, and was in service untill 1970. However, it did not see any combat. Due to it being manufactured during the Cold War, the CIA intended it to be a covert operations weapon, not a front line weapon.


The Sound Pistol passed all tests with flying colors, even exceeding the Winter's Howl's results. The Sound Pistol appears very similar to the Ray Gun and Winter's Howl, but more streamline. It is white in color. When fired, an extremely loud squeeling is emitted. This extremely loud sound is caused by methane exploding within the gun. The methan is loaded by a single battery-like tube into the side of the weapon. The noise the Sound Pistol makes can disorient enemies by giving them an extreme migrane or making them dizzy. This did not kill the enemy. (Zombies' heads, however, exploded.) The weapon's reticule is the same as the Wunderwaffe DG-2's reticule.


The user of the Sound Pistol often was prone to the effects of the weapon too. Because of this, the CIA also developed a set of ear plugs within a helment which prohibited the sound from effecting the user. However, this helment was quite cumbersome and heavy, and the player's running speed is decreased significantly. Also, any player in directly front of the Sound Pistol when it is fired is instantly downed if they don't have PhD Flopper.


The Sound Pistol can be upgraded via the Pack-a-Punch Machine to become the "Sound Cannon". The Sound Cannon has a more ammunition within one cartrige. It deals more damage on the zombies and the user no longer needs to wear the ear plugs. It also acquires engravings.


  • This Wonder Weapon almost completes the six elements. Wunderwaffe DG-2: Electricity/Fire, Thundergun: Air, Ray Gun: Energy, Winter's Howl: Water, Sound Pistol: Sound. The only remaining element is Earth.
  • If the player is playing as Adrienne Smith and obtains the Sound Pistol, she may say "Ah, yes, my old creation". When the player upgrades it, she may say "Now it's even better! Hahaha!".

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