The Sonic Fists is a non-canonical wonder weapon that is found in the mystery box and appears in the map Riesige Anlage and is exclusive to the Nazi Zombies game mode.


Coming soon, I got to get a good story line for it.

What it looks like:

The Sonic Fists look like the default weapon in Call of Duty World at War. It basicly looks like a purple cowbell with the word "OWN3D" and has some dark colored hands (assumabley gloves) and the hands are in a wierd position. The Sonic Fists look exactly like this, but with some newer features. It has an air guage and some yellow electrical cords coming out from it. It also has a battery pack on the left side of the cowbell and a button in the palm of the gloves that require the metal on the tips of your fingers to touch in order to activate it. There is an air tank on the right side of cowbell.

What it does:

Much like the Thunder gun and Zeus Cannon, the Sonic Fists shoot out gusts of wind, but is activated with the knife button as it is a melee. The player can go up to a zombie and punch one which then triggers the small air tank. If there is more zombies behind your target, the one you punched may be dead, but that doesn't mean it is useless. The dead zombie will act like a projectile and hit any zombies behind it within a radius. Most zombies will survive, but will be pushed back a little and may be damaged which depends how far away they are from the zombie you punched (the closer, the better). The Sonic fists don't have to have been reloaded, but the more time you give it to do so, the more effective it is. You can check how much it has reloaded by simply holding a gun as it makes a change to your hands. The guage will tell the player this. The total time for it to reload to its maximum strength is a minute and fifty five seconds.

My note:

There is a possibility that I will change how this works. Please post your opinion if you think it should be changed or not. The only reason I am asking this is because this is much like a Thunder gun/Zeus Cannon and I do aim to be original as possible.


  • The maximum time for the Sonic Fists to reload to full power is 115 seconds
  • As said, this uses the default weapon's model, but with some added features
  • The achievement you can get from this is "STRIIIIIIIIIIKE!" which is obtained after punching a zombie into ten other zombies (refers to bowling)

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