Slide-to-Prone, also known as Slide To Prone, is a non-canonical Perk-a-Cola in that appears in the custom Nazi Zombies map "Hanoi". Slide-to-Prone costs 1000 points. When purchased, the player is able to slide through a crowd of zombies without taking any damage. This can be a good asset to the player on higher rounds when hordes of zombies attack the player. When the Perk is bought the Dive-to-Prone feature is removed.


  • If the player has this Perk activated and buys PhD Flopper, Slide-to-Prone will be removed, and no points will be refunded to the player. If the player has PhD Flopper activated and buys Slide-to-Prone, PhD Flopper will be removed, and no points are refunded.
  • Sometimes, if the player dives into a single zombie, that zombie will trip/stumble.
  • According to Takeo Masaki the Perk tastes very sweet.

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