Slash & Splash Jukebox lok-a-like

A jukebox that looks similar to the Slash

Slash & Splash s a non-canonical Perk-a-Cola that appears in Resge Anlage and is exclusive to the Nazi Zombies game mode.

What it does:

Slash & Splash is a perk that effects your melees. It increases range, slightly increase speed, give the ability to push your targets away from you slightly, increases the ammount of targets that can be hit from 1-5 zombies killed at a time, and can allow you to get two melee weapons (you have to buy the second melee and if you have ballistic knives, it doesn't effect them). Slash & Splash is worth 2000 points.

Why is it useful:

Well, I see many people say the attack should be increased, but I say Insta-kill does that for us. If the attack is upgraded, then the Bowie knife or Sickle would stay an Insta-kill for a longer time. That seems a bit over powered, so that is why you can hit more than one zombie instead.

What it looks like:

  • The bottle and logo: The bottle is a light brown and uses the same bottle designs as all the others. The logo is no different than the other ones except for the desgn in the middle. In the middle, it shows a slash mark with one end thinner than the other (more specifically, a larger and longer version of " , ").
  • The machine: If you ever seen an old juke box machine (upside down "U" shaped), then you know exactly what it looks like (for those who don't, will upload a picture now as I found one already without an account). It is also brown and has the logo in the middle of it.

The fancy jingle:

Sorry, nothing at the moment, this will take some time to make...

The taste:

The flavor is cherry lemonade, but needs more sugar. So, it is a little sour.

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