Shock in the System is a fanon zombies campaign created by Magma-Man. It will be set up similar to TranZit however will be a bit more linear and more story-focused. Almost all areas of the campaign are available as survival maps.


While tinkering with his new abilities on Moon, Richtofen opens a portal to another Dimension and is put on a space station where an A.I. called SHODAN has gone rampant and taking over. Richtofen wants to use this power to take over every dimension he can, but he can't remember exactly what he did, and the A.I. is hostile to him. Richtofen disables SHODAN, putting her into a simple flash drive, and creates a copy of himself to be put into the ship instead. This copy is able to exactly remember what he did to open the portal to another dimension and Richtofen safely returns to the Moon. Meanwhile the Richtofen A.I. stays behind at Citadel Station to begin finding suitable dimensions to spread Richtofen's influence to. Little does he know there are four survivers on the station that have recently awakened from cryo-sleep...



This is where the campaign becomes linear. When a new area, or "level" is entered it cannot be returned to, as a result of the areas being so different. Also when the player or players lose the game they can return to any level they manage to reach.

Survival Maps

These are the confirmed maps that will be available seperate for survival mode. There may be more.

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