Shattered Reality
The Music in this Video is the Musical Easter Egg and the Video Inspired one of the New Perks
Vital statistics
Prev Level Sanron
Next Level The Lie
Created By Magma-Man
Creation Date 4/28/11
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Location Unknown
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Shattered Reality is the fifth map in Magma-Man's Lies storyline.


  • A new feature will be Negative and Positive worlds, in which the game will randomly flit between having the colors the right way and having colors the oposite of they really are, and this will greatly disorient players.
  • A new Perk-a-Cola will be featured, Socksnsandals Soda.
  • The Musical Easter Egg song will be Socks With Sandals
  • The Wave Gun will be one of the available weapons.
  • Certain locations, door ways, secret passages, etc. will only be accessed if the map is in a certain state (positive or negative)
  • Gruntijackal's utility, the Perk-A-Punch Machine, will be featured.


  • It will partly be based off of Magma-Man's first Halo: Reach forge map, Shattered Reality.
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