Remains are skeletens reanimated by an unknown power, possibly the one that fuels the zombies in Magma-Man's Lies storyline. They appear in the map Usopire.


They tear themselves out of the dirt walls of the mine in Usopire. They are very rotted and their eyes glow with blue energy. They make screeching sounds, and hurrle sharpened bones at you as spears. They are very week but spawn in huge numbers and do not count to a round like a zombie and a terrorantula do, and thus they do not get more powerful every round. They will not leave the mine. At Round 26, in other words, after you have defeated the zombified Christopher Nooring, they will become a new version. Visually the new version is only different by the color of the glow in the eye sockets, which has turned red, and they also have red sparks eminating from them. They have more endurance and have a crossbow that they shoot at you.

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