Redux is a non-canonical Nazi Zombies storyline created by CaptainMacMillan on 5-8-11.


The storyline of Redux puts us in the shoes of Mark Neville, Robert Neville's son. Years have past since the events in New York. The zombie population was under control, and the world was slowly rebuilding. While on a mission trip in Germany, he and his friends discovered Der Riese. They activated the teleporter, which released the zombies. People in Germany fought for days, but it wasn't enough. Soon zombie hordes had overrun all of Germany, and Mark knew if they didn't do something, the world wouldn't be far behind. With the teleporter activated, Mark and his friends Jessica, Dylan, and Kaylee jumped in. They arrived at Kino der Toten, to find that somebody, was already there....


Chapter 1

To be continued...

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