Radiation Bombs are a non-canonical Wonder Weapon in the custom Nazi Zombies map "Area 51".


During the Cold War, the Soviets produced Matryoshka Dolls, which are hand-held cluster bombs. To counter this, the U.S. government authorized the Central Intelligence Agency to create the Radiation Bomb. The Radiation Bomb was immediately started in 1967, and finished in 1968. The CIA recruited survivng German scientists from the Ascension Group to create it. The Bomb cost $900,000 to create.


The Radiation Bomb was adopted by the CIA in 1968. However, it was only used once during a small skirmish with Russian Spetsnaz in Alaska. What became of the skirmish and soldiers is classfied.


The Radiation Bomb passed four of its five tests. The CIA remained cautious of the weapon, though. The Radiation Bomb looks strikingly similar to the Gersch Device, but acts like Matryoshka Dolls. When activated and thrown, the first bomb explodes, activating another bomb, thus activating another bomb, and so forth for six times. Due to the device's effect, it is highly effective for clearing out hallways, rooms, etc.

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