180px-Power Switch

The Power Switch In Verruckt

The Power Switch is a utility found in every Zombies map with power. Each Zombies map except Nacht Der Untoten, Shi No Numa and Dead Ops Arcade contains a Power Switch which must be found in order to open certain doors, activate Perk-a-Cola machines, and other features that may be unique to that map, such as the Electro-Shock Defenses or Teleporters.


The power feature appears in all canon zombie maps besides the World at War version of Nacht der Untoten, as well as a decent portion of fanon zombie maps.


  • The Power was introduced in the map Zombie Verrückt, the second Nazi Zombies map, along with many other features that are still currently featured in Zombies maps today.
  • Several of the characters are often found complaining about turning on the power, especially Dempsey.
  • Shi No Numa is the only map which has power but doesnt' require the power switch to be pulled.[[Category:

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