"Welcome to backwoods america! Enjoy your stay! Remember, if your sister isn't also your mother, YOU'RE NOT WELCOME HERE, OUTSIDERS! GET OUT NOW... OR DIE!"
―Level Description
The Jingle for Super Strength Soda
Vital statistics
Prev Level Usopire
Next Level Sanron
Created By Magma-Man
Creation Date 4/28/11
Characters Richard Keats, Michael Navarro, Shayla Cohen, and Daniel Orien
Enemies Swamp Zombies, so far unnamed zombified frog
Location Pmaws
Date April 25, 2039
Pmaws is the third map in Magma-Man's Lies storyline, and it takes place in a swamp, with zombie hillbillies. Unlike other maps that feature the players being stuck in a contained area with zombies coming in the area through barriers, these zombies all rise out of the ground in certain areas. A new enemy is a so far unnamed zombified frog (any name ideas?) that spawn on special rounds, are very small, and explode instantly killing you if you get too close.

Opening Cutscene

To be written...



  • Swamp Zombies
  • So far unnamed zombified frog



To be written...



To be written...

The Map

To be written...


To be written...

Easter Eggs

To be written...


  • Deadshot Daiquiri is extremely useful in this map because it makes you pin point accurate while dual-wielding with Super Strength Soda.
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