Plasma Pistol
Vital statistics
Damage 1000
Damage Multiplier --
Magazine Size 10
Created By Daniel Smith
Creation Date unknown
Maximum Ammunition 20
Reload Time 1.9 loaded and unloaded
Rate of Fire Semi-automatic
Range --
Recoil High
Penetration {{{Penetration}}}
Fire Mode Semi-automatic
Mobility {{{Mobility}}}
The Plasma Pistol is a non-canonical Wonder Weapon in the custom Nazi Zombies map "Area 51".


The Plasma Pistol was a secret weapon manufactured by the Central Intelligence Agency in 1968. The CIA authorized the creation of the weapon. The Plasma Pistol was manufactured and tested at Area 51. The CIA issued $100,000,000,000 during development in order to make the weapon a success. In total, there were only six Plasma Pistols made, and only one remains. Unfortunately the development was put to halt due to the lack of knowledge, technology, and man-power at the time.


The Plasma Pistol was never officially used by the CIA. In fact, the organization even denied funding such a weapon.


For the most part, the Plasma Pistol scored somewhat low on all its tests. During testing, it often exploded due to high heat and pressure within the gun. The Plasma Pistol looks similar to the Sound Pistol and Ray Gun, but longer and purple and yellow in color. When fired, it launches balls of purple plasma, which burns and incinerates and human and zombie hit by it. The plasma is loaded by a clear half-ball that is stuck underneath the pistol. The half-ball contains a total of ten balls of plasma.


When upgraded via the Pack-a-Punch Machine, the Plasma Pistol becomes "The Annihilator". The Annihilator has fourty balls of plasma and has a shorter reload time. Just like any other weapon, engravings are added.

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