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The Pistol Holster

The Pistol Holster is a piece of equipment that appears in some fanon maps.

Brutal Warfare: After Effect

The Pistol Holster is avaliable in Camalex97's Modern Warfare: Brutal Warfare: After Effect. This lets you carry two main weapons and a sidearm, or 2 sidearms and a main etc. This costs 3500 and is kept on death, also, the pistol inside the holder is kept after death but with only 1 round of ammo and 2 if dual wielded. This makes mustang and sally useful as they are grenade launchers and will help youi rack up points even after death.


Pistol Holster
The Pistol Holster will appear in 900bv's Upcoming Project as a purchasable piece of equipment. When bought, it will give you an extra slot for a pistol. It costs 3000 points to buy and will give you an A-100 when bought if you do not have one. If you get a Diamondback, Type 54 or single XD(M) in the box, it will replace the A-100.


  • When combined with Mule Kick you can get 4 weapons.
  • Oddly, when you Pack-a-Punch the A-100 you still get 3 (or 4) gun slots, even though it won't hold the Dual XD(M)s.
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