The Pentagon Thief is the boss of the map "Five"-he also replaces the Hellhounds in Five (even though the Hellhounds were supposed to appear in Five, but were cut out at the last minute). The thief is also known as being one of the fastest enemies in the game, and comes every 4-8 rounds whilst attempting to steal any of the players' weapons.

It is best to leave out you most powerful weapon as you shoot him, but when he comes close, switch to you least favorite gun. If the thief is killed after he steals a gun, it will drop a Fire Sale. if you kill the thief before he takes the players' gun, it will drop a Bonfire Sale; either way, if the player doesn't kill the thief, he will always drop a Max Ammo.


  • It is commonly theorised among fans that the Pentagon Thief's identity may either be tied to the official Black Ops campaign, one of the Pentagons' scientists who may have been driven mad by Samantha or perhaps one of Group 935's members.
  • He is also one of the least tolerable enemies in Five, and only appears when the power is turned on and the teleporter's linked. Otherwise, he doesn't appear.
  • He only appears to the player he is targeting.
  • In Brady Game's Black Ops guide, he is referred to as the "Pentagon Tech."

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