The Pack-a-Kick Machine is a utility that appears in the Deathwish storyline from Insanity 2.0 onwards.


Unlike the Pack-a-Punch Machine, the Pack-a-Kick does not have to do with weapons, but instead, points. Players can insert however many points they want into the machine, and it will hold it for the rest of the game, unless another player takes it. This was meant for teamwork purposes, like when one player dies but doesn't have enough money for anything and he has a teammate that has a lot of money; that way, the rich player can insert points into the machine for the other player to get. This is basically the concept of transfering points from one player to another.

Also, players can store weapons in the machine for other pkayers as well. However, the weapons cannot be Pack-a-Punched. Players cannot give both of their weapons to the machine, and players cannot get three weapons [unless if they have Mule Kick], but players cannot get more than three under normal circumstances.

How it works


  1. Player A goes to the machine.
  2. They tap the action button (ex. X for Xbox) as many times as they want.
    1. For every tap, 500 points is inserted into the machine.
  3. Player B goes to the machine.
  4. Player B holds the action button and all of the points inserted into the machine.


  1. Player A goes to the machine.
  2. They get close enough and press the firing button (ex. LT for Xbox).
  3. Player B goes to the Machine.
  4. They get close enough and hold the firing button to get the weapon.

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