The POW, or Pulse Operated Weapon, is a non-canonical Wonder Weapon in the custom Nazi Zombies map "Area 51".


The POW began its course in 1968, the height of the Cold War, and was finished the same year. The Central Intelligence Agency authorized the production of the POW, and spent $950,000 on the production of it. The creator of the weapon is unknown, but it is known that it was tested at the Pentagon. In all, there were only four POWs made.


The POW saw little service. It was, however, officially adopted by the CIA the same year it was created. The only known mission it saw combat in was a small skirmish in Alaska against Soviet Spetsnaz. What became of the POW afterwords is unknown, but it is most likely that it was destroyed.


The POW scored high on all its tests, making it a preferred weapon of the CIA. The POW looks similar to a M16, but slightly longer. The POW, when fired, launches a grenade that has the equivalent to ten grenades. This makes the weapon great for taking out armored vehicles and large masses of men, or zombies. The weapon is reloaded by a single magazine that contains the single grenade. The reticule of the weapon is same as the Wunderwaffe DG-2.


The POW can be upgraded via the Pack-a-Punch Machine to become the "3P1C POWN4G3". The 3P1C POWN4G3 sports higher damage, a larger magazine capacity (three grenades), and increased accuracy.

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