"You have a blank check."

Origins is a non-canonical Nazi Zombies storyline that was created by Daniel Smith.


The idea first came to Daniel Smith to create this storyline after he watched Red Dawn, When Aliens Attack, and Red Faction: Origins. When he decided to create a storyline from these movies/shows, it was June 5, 2011. As seen by the name of the storyline, it is obvious that the word "origins" came from Red Faction: Origins.


The storyline of Origins follows a NATO commando, American Marine, a Russian mercenary, and a British scientist as they travel the world in search of the true origins of the zombies. These four brave people were hired, assembled, and ordered to travel across the world and do whatever it takes to find the origins of zombies and Ununpentium.


The Origins storyline includes 12 chapters, making it the second shortest storyline that Smith has written, the first being the Apocalypse II: Left Behind storyline.

References to films/games/books/etc.

  • "Origins" is taken from Red Faction: Origins.
  • "Plague" is taken from the book that Smith is writing, called Plague.
  • "Sub Pens" is taken from the Call of Duty: World at War map Sub Pens.
  • "Mothership Xeta" is taken from the Fallout 3 map pack of the same name.
  • When Aliens Attack is referenced because aliens play a large part in the storyline.
  • The tagline is taken from Modern Warfare 2, when the SecDef is speaking to General Sheperd.

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