Old Los Angeles is a city in the "Apocalypse" storyline. Old Los Angeles was originally Los Angeles, but after the invasion of the United States, it became Old Los Angeles.


In 1968, Soviet Russia invaded the US's east coast. During the fighting, the Soviets realized that they needed an extra tactic to aid them in conquering the US. After debating, they came to the conclusion that Element 115 bombs and Nova 6 bombs had to be dropped. The bombs were dropped and soon the undead populated the east coast of the US.

Years later, the global zombie outbreak ended, and the rebuilding of the US began. America was rebuilt rather slowly, but was soon finished in 1975. America had been renamed as "New America", and once again become a thriving metropolis full of life, houses, factories and buildings, and vehicles. However, using extremely advanced technology for their time, the rebuilders had made the cities in the US large, domed, and technologically advanced. A few of the advanced added to New America were tall buildings, flying cars, One-Way Shields, and an enormously gigantic "bowl" overtop the medium sized cities. These "bowls" (correctly known as "Shields") protected the city from attack.

Even though these technologically advanced cities were constructed, wastelands still remained. These wastelands were marked on all GPS systems. Left-over cities that had not been rebuilt were simply abandoned and left to rot. One of these cities was Los Angeles (now known as Old Los Angeles, or Old LA).

Battle of Old Los Angeles

After the US was rebuilt, a left-over city, Old Los Angeles, was schelduled for termination.

Daniel Smith, his Black Ops team, and a Nuclear Emergency Support Team were commanded to enter the city and set detonation charges all around the city. When Smith and others arrived and began setting charges, they were attacked by zombies. Most of his team were killed, but he and the surivors were able to place all the detonation charges around the city. A Huey arrived to retrieve them. Smith and his soldiers sprinted towards the helicopter, while zombies chased them. When Smith reached the helicopter, the zombies were only thirty feet away. Smith realized there was no more room on the Huey, and stayed behind. Smith turned around, pulled out his dual wield CZ75s, and began shredding the zombies. From the view of the Huey, one of his fellow squad mates described the incident as being "terrifying yet uplifting". As the Huey flew away, Smith became out of sight. What happened to Smith afterwords is unknown. The incindent was recorded as "The Battle of Old Los Angeles".

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