The Nuclear Frag is a grenade type that was created by HellHoundSlayer that appears in some of his custom maps and every level of Daniel Smith's storyline Apocalypse IV: Imminent Impact.

HellHoundSlayer's Version

The Nuclear Frag is a secondary grenade that appears as a Nuke Power-Up, but can be retrieved from the Mystery Box and is thrown on demand. When thrown, the Nuclear Frag creates an instant Nuke, similar to the Nuke Power-Up. This may be used when a player needs to be revived, or when the players are being overrun by zombies.

Apocalypse IV: Imminent Impact

Nuclear Frag Grenade
Nuclear Frag
Vital statistics
Damage Infinite
Damage Multiplier --
Magazine Size One grenade
Created By Original creator: HellHoundSlayer

Re-creator: Daniel Smith

Creation Date Original creation date: unknown

Re-creation date: 7/18/11

Maximum Ammunition 3
Reload Time none, pull pin time: .2s
Rate of Fire Throw time: .7s
Range As far as it can be thrown
Recoil none
Penetration {{{Penetration}}}
Fire Mode Thrown
Mobility {{{Mobility}}}
The Nuclear Frag also appears in the Apocalypse IV: Imminent Impact storyline, but its name has been slightly altered to "Nuclear Frag Grenade". It can be obtained only from the Mystery Box. When obtained, the player will have three of them. The Nuclear Frag Grenade is the replacement for the Gersch Device, as it kills any zombie on the map after three seconds. This effect gives players a chance to reload, revive a player, etc. Unlike regular grenades, it cannot be 'cooked'. The basic appearance of the grenade is similar to the M92 Fragmentation Grenade, except that it is black and has a more futuristic look to it. How the grenade does not kill the players is unknown. It is also unknown who created it.

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