Nova is a non-canonical Perk-a-Cola in the custom Nazi Zombies maps "Icebreaker", "Quarantäne", "Firing Range", "Junkyard", and "Spaceport". Nova can be bought for 2500 points. It combines the effects of PhD Flopper and Nova-6 gas. When purchased, Nova has the same effects as PhD Flopper, however the explosions are replaced by Nova-6 gas. When the player dives from an elevated area, Nova-6 gas is released around the player. This gas instantly kills any zombies within its radius no matter what round it is. When the player is downed, Nova-6 gas is released upon the map for three seconds, giving supporting teammates a chance to revive the downed player. Splash damage is also no longer a problem to the player.


  • Originally, Nova had been a part of the Turfbrew Perk. But the idea was scrapped and Nova became its own Perk.

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