NATO flag

The NATO flag.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a faction in the Origins and Spacefront storylines, and a real-life organization.


In Spacefront, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO, is only mentioned. However, their bases play a large role in storyline; five missions take place on a NATO space base, which is owned jointly by America and Britian. The space base is above Mars, while the other base is located on Pluto.


In Origins, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was given the task of finding out the true origins of zombies and Element 115. Knowing that this would take their best commandos, they assembled Michael Moore, a former Army Ranger and Delta Force operative, Jason Baldwin, a United States Marine, Nikolai Badanov, a Russian mercenary, and Scott Price, a British scientist. Together, these four men were sent to track down the origins of zombies. At one point, the four men discover that Aliens were the ones who initially created Element 115, and that they gave it to the Germans during the closing stages of World War II. After learning this, they escaped with an Alien escape pod, only to find out that the Aliens plauged Earth with zombies and that one of them was brainwashed.

Notable Members




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