No Nova Soda

No-Nova Soda, by V,

No-Nova Soda
is a custom Perk-a-Cola that mirrors Tactical Mask in Black-Ops and the Gas Mask perk in World at War. This perk reduces effects of Nova Gas from crawlers, as well as the damage taken when they explode. This perk will come in great use for players who get disoriented by the crawlers frequently. The perk's color scheme would be green, yellow-brown, and white. The drink would be a pale green, much like the gas itself, and taste like plastic. Since, the perk is helpful but not essential to survival, it will be priced at 1500 points. The icon is the same as the Gas Mask's icon from World at War, but in green and white.


  • This Perk was originally created by V, a member of the Call of Duty Wiki, and this one as well now.
  • This perk is not based off of any cut perks in the game files.
  • This perk-a-cola could only be featured in two maps: Kino der Toten and Five.
  • A perk similar like this could be featured in Call of the Dead, perhaps reduccing damage and disorientation from George Romero

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